Coordinator Team

Prof. Otmar Loffeld


University of Siegen
Room PB-H101
Phone: +49 (271)740-3125

Otmar Loffeld received the Dr Eng degree and the habilitation degree in the field of digital signal processing and estimation theory both from …

Dr.-Ing. Miguel Heredia Conde

Dr. Miguel Heredia Conde

General Manager

University of Siegen
Room PB-H106
Phone: +49 (271)740-2465

Miguel Heredia Conde received the Dr. Eng. degree in the field of sensor signal processing from the University of Siegen in 2016. In 2013, he joined …

Dr. Holger Nies

Dr. Ing. Holger Nies

Speaker of Recruitment Comitee

University of Siegen
Room PB-H103
Phone: +49 (271)740-2759

Holger Nies is team leader of the SAR group of the ZESS and responsible for the HITCHHIKER project. Since 2010, he is executive director of …

Sivia Niet

Sivia Niet

Team Assistant

University of Siegen
Room PB-H102
Phone: +49 (271)740-3400

Silvia Niet is the team assistant in the MENELAOS_NT network. Since 2002 she has been in charge of the secretariate of the IPP MOSES doctoral …

Beneficiary and Partner Lead Scientists

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Knott

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Knott

Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR
Room: Building 1, R 2.07
Office phone: +49 228 9435-227

Prof. Dr. Peter Knott joined the Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR (formerly FGAN e.V.) in Wachtberg, Germany, in 1994. From …

Prof. Yonina. C. Eldar

Weizmann Institute of Science
Room: 218 Ullman Building
Office phone: +972-8-934-3702

Prof. Yonina. C. Eldar is an Israeli professor of electrical engineering in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.
She was …

Prof. Andreas Kolb

University of Siegen
Room: H-A 7108
Phone: +49 (271) 740-2404

Andreas Kolb is head of the Computer Graphics and Multimedia Systems Group at the University of Siegen since 2003. His academic …

Paula López Martínez

Centro Singular de Investigación en Tecnoloxías Inteligentes (CiTIUS)
Room: 110
Office phone: +34 881816406

Paula López Martínez research interests include the design of mixed signal integrated circuits particularly CMOS image sensors and …

Early Stage Researchers (ESR’s)

Alvaro Lopez Paredes

Álvaro López Paredes

University of Siegen

Room: PB-H202
Office Phone: +49(271)740-xxx

Álvaro López Paredes will work in the field of Efficient very-wide-area Time-of-Flight 3D sensing by means of Adaptive Compressive Sensing. He …

Prithvi Laguduvan Thyagarajan

Prithvi Laguduvan Thyagarajan

University of Siegen

Room: PB-H205
Office Phone : +49(271)740-4017
Mail: prithvi.lthyagarajan(a)

Prithvi Laguduvan Thyagarajan is the ERS 8 candidate working on Tomographic SAR data Reconstruction. Her goal is to …

  Saravanan Nagesh

Saravanan Nagesh

Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR
Room: 0.10
Office Phone: +049 (228) xxxx
Mail: saravanan.nagesh(a)

Saravanan Nagesh graduated as a Masters in Electrical Engineering with …

Faisal Ahmed

Faisal Ahmed

University of Siegen

Room: PB-Hxxx
Office Phone: +49(271)740-xxxx
Mail: faisal.ahmed(a)

Faisal Ahmed’s current research is focused on Indoor ToF 3D sensing exploiting light-based wireless communication infrastructure under …

Marko Jaklin

Zhouyan Qiu

Ingeniería Insitu/University of Vigo
Room: LAB M222
Office phone: +34 8818 16443

Zhouyan Qiu is working now as an ESR in the field of mobile mapping applications of CS techniques at the University of Vigo …

Marko Jaklin

Marco Jaklin

Room: Laboratory P1
Office phone: +34 8818 16443

Marco Jaklin works in the field of CMOS vision system for spatio-temporal event detection through deep learning tracking techniques …

Sanhita Guha

Sanhita Guha

Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar
Room: 0.12
Office phone: +33 688069451

Sanhita Guha as an ESR will do investigate and develop adaptive methods of compressive sensing to overcome millimeter wave radar system limitation in bandwidth…

Peyman Fayyaz Shahandashti

Peyman Fayyaz Shahandashti

Room ID: P102b
Office phone: +34 88816444

Peyman Fayyaz Shahandashti role in the MENELAOS project is the fabrication of CMOS ToF sensors with 2D/3D capa-bilities. His areas of …