Best Paper Award for the work “One Bit Time Resolved Imaging”

Photography is much more than optics these days. In the term “Computational Photography (Computerfotographie)” as a specialty of Computational Sensing, the possibilities of an initially digital image acquisition merge with the possibilities of algorithmic, mathematical, computer-aided image processing for the generation of previously unimaginative visual representations of physical realities, such as the highly precise extraction of 3D Images through “almost normal” smartphone cameras. The IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography was organized with the vision of promoting the community of researchers from many different mathematical, technical, and engineering disciplines that deal with computer photography.
The Best Paper Award for the work “One Bit Time Resolved Imaging” not only represents a fine recognition of current research work, but in particular the appreciation of an international collaboration between Imperial College London (Prof. Ayush Bhandari and the Compressed Sensing Research Group of ZESS (Dr. Heredia Conde and Prof. Loffeld).

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